Good enough for the Brownlees

It was just terrific to see the Brownlee brothers winning Gold and Silver at Rio.  They attributed their win to a really tough bike section, and for this they chose the Boardman Air.

We have had a couple of Air’s in the shop for a few weeks so I thought I’d better get out on the road and see what it was that made this bike a Gold medal winner

The 9.2 is currently on sale at under £2,300 and is equipped with Dura Ace groupset and Boardman’s own deep section wheels and finishing kit.  The frame is constructed of highly ovalised carbon giving it a very aerodynamic profile from the front. This frame design results in a slightly heavier and stiffer ride than a traditional sportive bike and the racing gears are orientated to riding fast on the flat. However the gearing was still sufficuently generous to allow me to pull up Box Hill on the large chainring.

Out on a Wednesday evening for a 30 mile whizz through the flatter parts of Surrey a smashing 30 miles swept beneath me at an average of over 20mph.  Given the cycling I have done this year that was really quite quick.  But the most significant part of the ride was a very gentle downhill where, uncharacteristically I actually rode away from the rest of the group.  Testament to the air cheating nature of the Air 9.2

So if you want speed, The Air will not be the thing slowing you down.  Why not come in and feel what a gold medal bike is really like!….