View from Inside Ride London

We have received some views on Ride London and, as we are right on the route, we wondered what you thought


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…..We were about ½ mile behind the crash at Ripley (bloke hit a tree) and stood/hobbled around

for 45 mins! We saw the crash spot-police were taking photos of the tree and blood-stained

clothing left at roadside.


……I think they’ll have to consider limiting the numbers on this event-blokes like us treat it as

a sportive but there are so many newbies falling over, hesitating, not following etiquette

going up hills…I like to go up Box Hill in the big ring but kept on getting balked by riders

(and walkers) staying on the right, drifting all over the road…. We all had to start some-

where of course, and have sympathy for newbies, but the organisers really have to decide

whether this is a sportive or a glorified London to Brighton charity day. You probably saw that

the pros even got held up later on in their race! Of course, anyone can have an accident and

if air ambulances are involved then there will be holdups, but my feeling is that there are too

many entrants…




There are far too many riders on the London sportive and so many of them

just don’t know how to ride on their own so in a group they are dangerous.