A new bike for under £300!?!

Well, that’s how it feels after my trusty Ti Van Nicholas had a proper service in our workshops

I bought the bike on ebay back in 2009.  When it arrived it had done less than 50 miles and rode better than I had hoped. Since then I have ridden it in the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Dolomites.  It saw me through the National 24hr TT in 2011 and numerous 12 hour efforts.  It has been ridden for 3 days in the Tour of Wessex, The Dragon Ride, The Fred Whitton and literally thousands of mile through the hills and flats of Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

No wonder then with my minor attempts at maintenance it started to complain.  Getting out of the saddle was accompanied by a veritable cacophony of squeaks, clicks and groans.  It got to the point where I was actively avoiding riding my favourite bike because it was complaining so much.

So I booked it into our workshop and Andy got to work.  He stripped the frame right down and meticulously went through every moving part, cleaning, lubricating and where necessary replacing every bearing and pivot as he reassembled what, to my eye,now looked like a new bike.

Finishing off with some new handlebars with a shallower drop (we’re all getting older!)and some smart red bar tape I took the bike for a run on Sunday afternoon. Sure enough it rode as well as when I first picked it up.  The 10 speed Ultegra gears, despite bearing some scars from past ‘incidents’ never missed a beat and every effort, in or out of the saddle, was greeted with nothing more than the singing of tyre on tarmac.

So, if you want a new bike and you cannot get a budget of more than a few hundred past your  personal financial advisor, why not let us take a good look at your machine and see what we can do for you…