Titanium – How were we to know?

Destination Bike opened properly in March of 2016.  We started with an ambition to offer a range of great quality bikes to customers at every price point.  We have sold numerous Boardmans from across the range.  We have seen great interest in the Dassi  – destined to be a true classic, but the bikes we have sold in greatest are Titanium Kinesis bikes.

Right from the start we put on display a test bike based on the Kinesis Gran Fondo Ti Disc and fitted with Ultegra DI2.  This bike gives customers the opportunity to test disc brakes, electronic gears and the wonderful ride of a great Titanium frame.

We knew we were on safe ground because the reviews for the Gran Fondo are unfailingly enthusiastic and the response of customers has been astonishing. All customers return smiling and pronouncing the their joy at the comfort of the bike. One told me he could tell how much ore comfortable it was riding across the car park, before he ever got to the road!

I was already a convert having used a Ti bike for many years and for all of my longer distance rides. Not only is the materiakl comfortable but as you can see from the picture above the bike still looks like new

If you have not tried Titanium, come in a have a go. There is no obligation but there is a warning.  Over half of those who have taken a test ride have bought a bike from us!