You want responsive?  Go Aluminium!

Descending from Puig Major into Soller in the North West of Mallorca is one of the most scenic and exhilarating rides you can do.  Anywhere.  In 2010 I was riding a very well specified and maintained Giant TCR with a top rated aluminium frame and I clearly remember how absolutely precise and predictable it was through the varying radii of the bends all the way down the valley side

Virtually the entire professional peloton and most road riders are doing their miles on Carbon framed bikes.  Years ago everyone rode steel.  There was a brief period in between when Aluminium was the material of choice and the TCR was just one of the frames that was properly capable and comfortable.

In 2017 Kinesis are offering the Racelight Aithein as a truly competitive and capable racing frame. We have already supplied local racers and seen podium finished on the Aithien so we thought we’d give it a go…

The first thing you notice is how light the bike is.  With a maximum rider weight this frame has been designed to be competitive in races with all those carbon frames. The seat tube is round at the top and square at the point where it hits the Bottom Bracket to enhance stiffness, and boy does it work with each pedal stroke delivering great forward momentum.

The Aithein is comfortable too.  We used 25mm tyres at around 90psi and much of the buzz of the road was eliminated before reaching and fatiguing the body. And much like that Giant all those years ago it felt completely planted on technical descents allowing confident high speed cornering.

The frameset is available at under £700, so if you want to upgrade using existing equipment, replace a crashed racebike or build a spec from scratch the Aithein offers a cost effective way to get back and be competitive in your local crit.

The photograph is of one of our favourite builds last year, incorporating a Dura Ace groupset and Enve carbon wheels.  Spectacular…