Angliru – Testing Campagnolo EPS on the toughest terrain

We recently visited Asturias on a week long test of Campagnolo EPS . The Angliru climb is reckoned to be one of the toughest climbs in pro cycling, so where better to test the Campagnolo EPS system..  Here are some notes from our trip


On day 1 in very wet weather on the climb out of Oviedo  to Sagrada Corazon it never missed a beat…luxury riding.

Day 2 of our Campagnolo EPS test. The steep climb of Angliru showed the ability to change gear under significant load. Again the electronic gears worked perfectly and the 11-28 range coupled to a compact chainset was just about adequate for me.

The wet 20%+ descent was very controlled as the latest brake pad compound offers very predictable graduation even in these foggy and very wet conditions.

Legs now resting!

Day 3

Up to the North coast today followed by a ride through the lush hills to the West of Oviedo.

Anyone who has ridden in the West of England or Wales will immediately recognise the constant changes from up hill to down dale. Sometimes you need just 2 gears: 50×11 and 34xas many as you can get.

The Campagnolo EPS was tested across the range today and was again stress free and precise.

Riding back across Oviedo with it’s many many traffic lights and undulations I learned a new trick. Each time I needed to slow and find a lower gear the gentle click required to change up meant I could use the index finger to brake whilst simultaneously usin my second or third finger to shift the rear mech. Very handy

Our final test ride on CampagnoloEPS was a very different challenge to The Angliru. La Cubella (The Asturian Galibier), is 28.1 km climb to 1680m some 70K South of Oviedo. Not steep but very long.

After a quick 40k through the valley we started the climb. Again shifts under load were dealt with perfectly and a stress free ride to the top on glorious weather was followed by a 45 minute descent. Here the ergonomics of the Chorus carbon brake leavers, coupled with great brake pads meant that’s comfortable one finger grip on the drops was enough for powerful and controlled speed management

So 4 days in Asturias has left is with nothing but praise for the Chorus EPS group set. The bike will be back in the shop next week. What not give it a go yourself