Lewis Rides Thompson

Lewis Winfied, a rider for VC Londres, has been at the shop for the past week, learning a little about the bike trade as he prepares for his participation in the Junior Men’s National Championships.  Who better we thought, than a young and capable road racer to give us their view on  Thompson road bikes?

As we are sited on Box Hill, Lewis opted to ride the Olympic circuit to test the handling and climbing characteristics of the Thompson Capella and Maestro.  This route includes a variety of road surfaces, from the smooth tarmac of Box Hill itself, to the rough potholed roads under trees amongst the Surrey Hills

The Capella was equipped with Campagnolo Potenza and this was the first time Lewis had ridden Campagnolo.  The Maestro was fitted with a Shimano Ultegra groupset which weighs much the same as Potenza but is more familiar to Lewis.

The aim was to see if there were any specific differences between the framesets.  First up was the Capella. Lewis immediately notice that the Capella was light, very smooth and responsive.  Although the position was not ideal cornering felt good and the excellent Potenza braking was impressive.

Lewis’s verdict was that this was definitely a frame that you could race with plenty of pace to complement the smooth feel of the overall package.  Unfamiliarity with Campagnolo and a preference for the Shimano shaped hoods meant that Lewis was not completely convinced of the Potenza groupset but he felt that the Campagnolo Zonda wheels felt very fast.

He then repeated the circuit on the Maestro. Although he is 6foot tall we managed to set up the small sized Maestro with the right saddle height and an aggressive position.   Having enthused about the all-round capability of the Capella we were surprised when he returned from this ride convinced that the Maestro was an even better machine for racing.  The shape and stiffness of the bike delivered  better climbing, although the ride was marginally less forgiving.

Coupled with this he felt the look of the Maestro was fabulous.

All round then, Lewis will leave the shop  this weekend as a new fan of Thompson bikes.  We wish him well in the race on Sunday.