Fusion bike fitting service

Fusion fitting system is the brain child of David Jones. David wanted to provide his service for all individuals who enjoy riding a bike whether it be for fun and health, or a hard core racer wishing to improve speed. The system takes objective as well as subjective data and fuses hardcore sport science and real world usability in one neat package.

We will fit you, your existing or new bike together with how you use it to provide the best fusion between you and your bike. Whether you want to reduce back or knee pain during cycling, improve comfort and enjoyment on your weekend ride, improve your aerodynamics on a road bike, have a faster position for time trails, become a more efficient triathlete or even create a better position for climbing, we can provide a fit to help you.


We first look at you, to understand how your body functions and how this will interact with your bike. We do this by screening the way your body functions taking measurements and any discussing any injuries that you may have, talk through how you will be using your bike and what you are trying to achieve. All this will help us understand how we can accommodate these in your fit.

Your bike

Next we take all the information we have collected and calculate the correct measurements. We the use this information fit you to the correct style of bike, frame size, adjust your saddle height, saddle fore and aft, handle bar height, width and reach as well as correct cleat position.

How you use your bike

Once the first two steps are completed we get you to ride your bike on our turbo trainer and use video analysis to make any micro adjustments that are deemed necessary, you will then have a change to take your bike away and enjoy your new set up.

bike-fit-02Included in the bike fit:

  • Screening questions to establish previous experience, riding style and injuries
  • Anathropometrics assessment
  • Orthopaedic muscular skeletal screen including range of motion, dynamic motion control and core stability to understand your bodies strengths and weaknesses
  • Strength conditioning corrective exercises to aid the function of your fit
  • Correction / build of your bike to fit your body
  • Video analysis with access to the footage
  • A schematic of your fit

This is just £150.00

Upgrade to testing for your training zones, thresholds and pedal stroke dynamics for only £100.00.