New build bikes

New build bikesAs well as factory assembled bicycles, Destination Bike also offers complete new builds from your choice of frame.

The advantage of this approach is that you can specify the frame type and brand that you want along with your ideal groupset, handlebars and wheelset.

Assembling a bike for you from scratch allows us to take the very best advantage of the extensive bike fitting service offered at Destination Bike.

We can ensure that the seat pin has the right layback for your shape and flexibility, we can make adjustment to the height and length of the stem , select the ideal handlebars in terms of the drop, shape and width and ensure the cranks are the right length for your needs.

Couple all of this with a personalised training plan for your upcoming objectives and you have a complete package that will get the most out of your riding.

Some of the bike frames we offer also allow personalisation in terms of the colour and finish making you purchase absolutely unique to you.