David Jones

David spent his formative years taking part in many different disciplines of cycling, a talented runner he turned his attention to triathlon and found a natural talent for understanding and executing training. This allowed him to eventually perform at an elite level. Whilst studying for his BSc Honours degree in sport science he raced in Europe triathlons, eventually becoming a full time athlete.

david-jones-profileDavid raced triathlon distances form super sprints, to ETU, ITU world championship and Ironman, both as a full time athlete and later as an amateur. After 16 seasons of racing tri he decided to focus his attention on cycling competing in time trails, road races, mountain bike enduro and downhill races. David has a real love of the biking no matter the type.

Whilst training as an amateur David focused his career on helping others to improve their training through his anecdotal experience and the appliance of hard science and data analysis. He has coached endurance athletes of many different abilities for the past 15 years. As head coach at a triathlon club he worked with groups of different abilities, from keen first timers to GB qualifiers. David now spends the majority of his time working one to one. This has given him a insight into how best to get the human body to perform. He developed his own training models to provide a truly bespoke experience, making his athletes getting fitter and faster.