At Destination Bike we are always looking for something a little unusual to offer in cycle clothing and Stolen Goat fits the bill perfectly.

Designed in Surrey by a young and ambitious British company, the products are manufactured in Belgium and and offer the full range of apparel for your ride.

Jerseys are available in summer weight, for those long summer rides and sportives and carry a range of cycling iconography, including the traditional Lion of Flanders and a number of funky takes on the Stolen Goat logo.

Additionally there are windproof and water resistant tops that are ideal for the slightly cooler rides on Spring and Autumn.

The shorts are black and also come with splashes of colour to coordinate with the great tops. They have a top quality pad and offer great comfort and value.


Women’s clothing available

We have a range of unique women’s clothing from another Surrey supplier, sourced from the USA. The brands offer some classic designs and some really quite unusual options at great prices.