The bike workshop at Destination Bike is equipped to offer everything from mending a puncture or truing a wheel to a complete rebuild of your bike. Managed by Andy Parsons, a bicycle mechanic with over 20 years’ experience in the maintenance of bikes, the workshop has a great reputation amongst scores of regular customers.

workshop-01Bike Servicing

There are 2 levels of bike servicing, A basic service and a full service.

Basic Service – £65 + parts

A basic service includes an assessment and adjustment of brakes, drivetrain, steering and wheels. Any components that require replacement are fitted and the bike is lubricated.

Full Service – £125 + parts

Ideally your bike should be fully serviced once per year. For this service the bike is stripped down, the chain, brake and gear cables and any worn bearings are replaced and the bike is thoroughly cleaned and reassembled. Our aim is that it should leave the workshop feeling like a new bike!


Tweaks and Repairs

Minimum Charge – £10

Fit Tape, Tyre, Tube, Lights, Cassette or Chain – £10

Fit Mudguards, repair puncture (inc Tube) or True Wheel – £20

Other jobs charged by time taken

workshop-02Wheel Builds

Andy has been building wheels for many years. Handmade wheels are extremely comfortable and we use high quality hubs so that the wheel can be serviced thoroughly and replacement rims can be fitted when they are worn – not always an option with factory wheels.

The workshop is open from Tuesday to Sunday and is often called upon to help riders out who have experienced a mechanical difficulty on their ride.